Remote Control

The innovative remote control that is provided with the range of Comfort boilers, allows an easy programming and an immediate boiler functioning diagnostic with a recording of the latest malfunctions. The interaction with the boiler gets easier thanks to the information displayed on the wide screen and thanks to buttons assigned to temperature regulation.  


  • Setting and visualisation of all boiler parameters:
  • Setting of room temperature, heating flow, climatic curve, DHW temperature
  • Functioning programming while in heating and in DHW (when an indirect tank is connected)
  • Temperatures visualisation (room, heating and DHW, external - if an external probe, available as an optional, is connected -, real heating and DHW), power level and modulation
  • Visualisation of quantity of DHW that is being taken. 
  • DHW pre-heating function: after any DHW demand, boiler keeps in temperature the main circuit so that the following demand will have the desired temperature immediately
  • Connection to solar system: combi models are designed to be easily connected to Baxi integrated solar systems. Boiler starts only when boiler water temperature is lower than the demanded one
  • Diagnostic with a recording of latest malfunctions 
  • Electronic management of climatic regulation of "temperature flowing installations”

Comfort has became even easier
For an easy and immediate use of the remote control, Baxi has developed a software distinguished by a simple and intuitive navigation thanks to the menus constantly present on screens:
-on the right sections as: quick guide to installation, navigation instructions, installation, main functions, advanced functions, diagnostic and parameters setting, buttons legenda
-on the left: keys index
It is very easy at any time to understand in which section and function you are operating. A brief but detailed description of those actions that have to be taken for each function is always present under remote control symbol.

Have a look and a try to the online demonstrational programme about remote control functioning and installation - click here -